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CAMV On-line Test Bed

This resource consists of the online validator tool and XML test bed that allows interactive testing of sample XML documents using CAM templates. Below is a library of examples. The idea is that communities can share validation CAM templates to allow implementers to quickly verify their exchange configurations and test out ideas. Later these can then be the basis for formal conformance testing.
Note: If you have existing XSD schema you can quickly convert them to CAM templates using the CAM editor toolkit. See the site download section for more details.
The online test bed can be accessed from either an internet web based browser or hand held device browser with web access services.

  CAM XML Validation Online Testbed
Content Privacy
Any content uploaded is stored only in temporary virtual memory for the duration just of your session. We do track some usage and visit statistics as noted in the site privacy policy statement.
Running the online validator
To use the validator you need two things: a compiled CAM template (cxx file format) and one or more sample XML documents to be tested with the validation rules of the template (currently we are limiting file sizes to 5 Megabytes maximum for each upload).
Once you have uploaded the CAM template you can perform multiple test runs on XML files and note the validation results for each. Both errors and warnings are displayed and you can also view the XML file source directly as well. The CAM validation template can be viewed as a MindMap diagram.
The templates library below provides examples as ZIP archive packs that you can download and use.
Building Templates
To assemble your own CAM templates you can use the visual CAM editor tool and designer. You can automatically convert existing XSD schema or XML files into CAM templates. For more information, the advantages of CAM templates, downloads and tutorials please visit the CAM editor project website –
Test Bed Services
If you are interested in hosting your own domain test bed services please contact us via our project ( to learn more.  Our project is a participant in the NIEM initiative, the EU sponsored Global eBusiness Interoperability Test Bed initiative ( and the EU Joinup project (
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CAM Templates Library


Topic Examples Date
Emergency Management
  • OASIS Hospital Availability (HAVE)
--- ---
Smart Buildings Management
  • COBie
--- ---
Elections Management
  • Election Results Reporting
--- ---
PESC Education Management
  • Student Transcript
PESC sample dictionary pack 2013/05/01
Healthcare Regulation
  • PMIX Prescription Reporting
PMIX sampler pack 2013/02/17
Next Generation Healthcare
  • eDevice control interfacing
--- ---
./library/ 2013/02/15