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JSON for CAM and Open-XDX Resources

This resource consists of links to video tutorials and code resources including GitHub examples. Below is a library of resources.

With the integration of JSON support into the CAM editor, CAMV validation engine and the Open-XDX open data toolkit this page is intended to provide a quick reference to resources designed to facilitate using JSON with these tools. The JSON support has been implemented using the StAXON Java library project tools.

Note: If you have existing JSON samples you can quickly convert them to CAM templates using the CAM editor toolkit. For more information on the features and capabilities of CAM templates, downloads and tutorials please visit the CAM editor project website –

JSON Resources


Link Date
Quick JSON validation and content type handling tutorial using the CAM editor tools
Youtube 2013/08/05
Using Extended Validation Rules Quick Tutor
Youtube 2013/08/05
Introduction to Information Exchange development with CAM
Youtube 2013/08/05
Java code for invoking Open-XDX with JSON outputting
GitHub 2013/08/05