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What is Open-XDX?
The Open-XDX toolset is designed to enable rapid development of open data information exchanges from SQL to XML. It uses a visual editor and drag and drop design approach combined with a smart runtime component - the Open-XDX engine.

The introductory video here is in two five minute sections. The first section provides an executive level introduction to the concepts and overall operational view. The second 5 minute section shows a live demonstration.
Open-XDX video
The demonstration creates a working Open Data API from a sample MySQL database using the CAM Editor and Open XDX software tools along with building the associated web services. The application shown is of mock patient prescriptions data and building a NIEM XML query/response web service for that. The code-free methods and XML template techniques to configure the information exchange components are introduced.
This resource consists of the online Open-XDX web services demonstration tool for Open Data APIs that allows interaction with sample query/response web services.  A collection of illustrative use cases are available.
Open-XDX provides a “code-free” visual drag and drop development environment to allow rapid delivery of open data web services. Both query/response and push/pull interaction models are supported.
See these training videos demonstrating the concepts of the development process and techniques used (
The idea is that communities can share example proof-of-concept Open-XDX templates to allow implementers to quickly assess their applicability for their purposes and needs. Developers can then use these ideas to enhance and tailor them to more precise detailed requirements.
The online sample services can be accessed from either an internet web based browser or hand held device browser with web access services.

Open-XDX Examples Library

Running the online web services
Each web service is configured with a set of MySQL tables containing illustrative mock test data to represent query/response web services. For sample test data values to enter for each demonstrator please see the Open-XDX templates library listings below.
The Open-XDX templates library repository on GitHub also provides examples as archive packs that you can download and examine to understand the software engineering used.  These packs further contain directions on setting up and configuring the software locally for your own instructional purposes.
PMIX Prescription Drug Query/Response Use Case
This simulates two related sets of databases.  The first is a patient master table for a given medical facility or practice. Querying on a patient returns their basic information.
Using their family name this can then look up details in the PMIX area master prescriptions database.
In each case the XML of the query and response are shown of the actual web service interactions.
Online Link and Sample Data Values
  • Person Query – enter query Person ID number values of 1 or 2 or 3 or 4
  • PMIX Prescription Query – enter Person Family Name of JONES or BEKLOW or FROME or SOUTHALL
Building Open-XDX Templates
To assemble your own Open-XDX templates you can use the visual editor tool and designer.  For more information, downloads and tutorials visit the CAM editor project website –
Open-XDX Web Services
If you are interested in hosting your own domain open data web services please see the Open-XDX section of the project site ( to learn more.

HUD Shelters and Beds Finder Use Case

Click on the image shown or the button here to open the online demo site.


  • Use ZIP code values in the range 07104 and Radius of 10 miles to retrieve example shelters search for the New Jersey area.
  • Click on map pins shown for locations to see details for that facility

Shelter Project Resources

Local Area Pharmacies and Vaccines Finder Use Case

Click on the image shown or the button here to open the online demo site.


  • Use ZIP code values in the range 60601 to 60660 to retrieve example pharmacy searches.
  • Click on map pins shown for locations to see details for that pharmacy

Technology Used for Pharmacy Search
This illustrates the web service and RESTful search services for pharmacies used to build the example above.  The first query is by ZIP code and returns the map coordinates and summary details of pharmacies. The database holds a sample of 500 records for the Chicago area.
The second query example is of using a ProviderID so you can then look up details in the operations and vaccines databases of the full vaccination services offered.
In each case the XML of the query and response are shown of the live web service interactions you are invoking here.

The Pharmacy Search Demo is implemented using the RESTful web service examples below. Both XML and JSON are provided for instructional purposes here.

Online Web Service Links and Sample Data Values
  • Do Provider Query – enter ZIP code of 60634 or 60603 or 60659 or 60623
  • Vaccine Query – enter query ProviderID number value of from 1 through 500 as a number

Online RESTful Services Links demonstrator

Note: the RESTful web services are based on Chicago area using a WADL configuration.

Pharmacy Project Resources
Vaccines data model
Entity Relationship (ER) model diagram of the SQL database tables holding the pharmacies information details. In addition the ZIP models pack also contains the matching XML data models used for the web services exchanges.